Breaking News - December 2006!

How To Capture Beautiful Family Photos

Capture beautiful family photos with these ideas. Creating permanent images that capture the great moments that your family will have is one of the most important things. Moments are fleeting and their precious and because of that you need a way to record them. When most people take out their camera and take pictures they don't create art, they don't create a thing of beauty and their images just look like regular cheap snapshots. Snapshots are great and there's a way to make them beautiful, it is an art form and a genre of photography but most amateurs get it completely wrong. Even when it comes to portraits and other forms of family photography most amateurs have no idea what they are doing. The only thing they know is that they have a camera, they have a subject matter, their family that they want to take a beautiful picture of. They snap the camera shutter and what comes out of it is pure mediocrity. The question is how can you improve and create and Capture beautiful family photos. Believe it or not it is a lot easier than you probably think and it just takes a few adjustments.

When it comes to photography you have to learn and experiment. Depending on the type of camera you have you might be limited but it is possible to get great results out of just about any camera but you must learn its limitations and how it takes its best pictures. One thing that you need to pay attention to his learning how to compose pictures that will look great. We noted if you are taking snapshots of candid moments that you might want to take that picture as fast as possible but do not forget the need to properly frame and instantly compose those pictures. Using different angles, using the people and the objects around you is natural ways to frame those candid moments, that could really improve the way that those snapshots and up looking. Also choosing to maybe purchase a better camera. If you have a cheap camera or only a smart phone, then you will be limited. Many people are impressed by what smart phones can do but the truth is that there are very limited, although they can take some good pictures in the right conditions. When it comes to using your smart phone to capture these pictures make sure that you have a lot on actual light because that will give you the best image quality.

If you really want to take excellent pictures get the right equipment, get a camera with a decent size sensor, one where you can control the exposure that hits the image, one where you can adjust the depth of field so that you can artfully create images.

Creating beautiful family photos is easier when you put thought into it, when you focus on your environment, when you focus on what would make a beautiful shot, when you focus on getting unique angles so that your images and looking unique, that they draw people in and learning how to use natural and available light creatively because that really is one of the most important things.

More important than anything, continue to try new things, be creative and shoot your camera as much as possible.

FIVE of our members have just had prints accepted for the
Royal Photographic Society 2007 Members' Print Exhibition.
You can see the pictures below ordered by the member's name.
Only 100 prints were accepted from the whole of the RPS
so the club is very well represented!
More club news follows the pictures.

Greek Door by Tony Bowall LRPS
Boy at Dungeness by Steve Boyle ARPS
Greek Door
by Tony Bowall LRPS
Dungeness Boy
by Steve Boyle ARPS
Covent Garden Pigeons by Trevor Gellard FRPS
Rain 2 by Colin Miller LRPS
Covent Garden Pigeons
by Trevor Gellard FRPS

Rain 2
by Colin Miller LRPS

Lekishon and Lea by Bob Webzell ARPS
Lekishon and Lea
by Bob Webzell ARPS

Latest News!!
Our 2006-2007 Season is now well under way!
There are LOTS of new members this year and many
established photographers have been along to our Tuesday meetings
to show some of their work and pass on their expertise.
Come along to a few meetings, free of charge, to see if
you'd like to join us!

The programme of events can be found
by clicking on the programme link above.

Our major exhibition at the Old Market in Hove which had over 80
photographs on display is now over, but the GOOD NEWS
is that they've invited us back to exhibit
during the Brighton Festival in 2007.
You can still read about the 2006 exhibition on this site.

Recently yet another of our members was awarded his
Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS),

and nine of our club members - the largest number from a single club
since the RPS was formed in 1853! - have achieved their
LRPSs (Licentiateships of the Royal Photographic Society).
Full details and pictures can be found by clicking here.

Meanwhile do enjoy visiting our site and, if you are not
already a member, consider coming along on a Tuesday
night for a week or two, free of charge with no obligation,
to see what we have to offer.

Full details can be found by clicking on the word
Programme here, or on the link above.

We look forward to welcoming you!